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Top Quads to Try in Pennsylvania

Quads or Quadrupels usually range from 9%-13% and are a style of dark ale. Inspired by Trappist brewers from Belgium, Quads have bolder flavors than Dubbels and Tripels.

Here are some PA Quads to seek out!

Quad – Weyerbacher

ABV: 11.8%

A dark ale, pour this in a snifter or wine glass. This beer is at its best after 12 months in the bottle, and will gain smoothness and complexity over time.

Beautiful day for delicious beer. Quad is out … drink one, stash one, enjoy every one.

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Ella – Free Will

ABV: 12.8%

Aged in apple brandy barrels for a year, Ella has notes of fig, apple, and raisins, as well as vanilla and molasses with a sweet finish.

We're unleashing our barrel aged beasts this coming Black Friday, at NOON! Yes, we're opening early for this special occasion so make sure your day of shopping includes a stop at either Free Will location! Our 2015 Gold and 2016 Bronze FOBAB medal winning Ella (formerly known as Black Friday) is our apple brandy barrel aged Belgian Quad. This beer has notes of rich caramel, toasted bread, and dried fruits that is rounded out with a slightly sweet finish. Our other beast, Ralphius is a bourbon barrel aged Russian Imperial Stout. This beer has a pleasant roastiness, with notes of Baker's chocolate, dark, jammy fruits, and vanilla that finishes with a smooth, warm bourbon finish. Both beers are $10/12oz bottle. Draft available as well. #bottlerelease #blackfriday #ella #ralphius

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V Twelve – Victory Brewing

ABV: 12%

Amber in color, this ale has hints of pear, apricot, and caramxel. Be careful at 12% this. Few packs a punch.

V12 snagged a new label and it’s lookin’ pretty good! 👍🍻

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The Quadfather – Voodoo Brewery

ABV: 11.4%

Brewed as a traditional Belgian Quad with a deep red-brown color and the malty, full-bodied mouthfeel you’d expect. 

The Quadfather be all dark fruits and 11.4% up in your face soon

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Le Marche – Levante Brewing Company

ABV: 11.4%

Named after an eastern Italian region near the Adriatic Sea, Le Marche has bold flavor and a smooth finish.

Feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. #elevateyourcraft #chestercountypa

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