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Since day one, the mission of Breweries In Pennsylvania has been to connect the PA Craft Beer world. And while the majority of that has been through the use of social media and our website, this past weekend we took it one step further; by hosting our first ever event.

We want to send out a huge THANK YOU to everyone who attended the Pittsburgh Invades Philadelphia Tap Takeover. It’s no secret that Pennsylvania is a dominant force across the United States beer landscape, and that showed by the reception we received for the takeover. This was a first of it’s kind of event, and it is obviously clear that it will not be the last.

We also understand that some of you did not get to fully partake in the festivities. Whether it was long lines, long waits or whatever may have happened, we have heard from those of you that walked away dissatisfied. Those concerns have been received and will be at the center of all future event planning conversations. Your feedback is welcomed.

While some may have not fully enjoyed the event, we believe most did. And we would rate this event as a success. You packed the walls of Conshohocken Brewing’s Brew Pub and filled the room with laughs and smiles all while sipping on beer from the greatest state in the country (we’re a bit biased).

We also want to thank the people and organizations that made this event possible. First; Conshohocken Brewing for taking a chance on a crazy idea from two people who had no experience with this kind of thing before. Grist House, Dancing Gnome, Roundabout, Voodoo, Fury and Full Pint; without these Pittsburgh breweries there would be no invasion. The Phoenixville Beer and Wine Festival, who was an excellent sponsor and made it so that we could be successful. Without these organizations this event would have never came together the way it did.

We’d also like to thank these Philly area breweries. Their donations allowed us to raise close to $600 for two great charities. Each brewery was more than happy to donate. While we support all PA Beer has to offer, we’d ask that you pay special attention to these one’s specifically:


To all of our family and friends who supported us along the way; we are forever thankful for your belief in us. And putting up with our crazy ideas. Your support means the world.

And most importantly, to anyone who attended this event; thank you for taking a few hours out of your Saturday to see what these guys from Breweries In PA had going on. As we said it was the first time we have gone into the event space, but due to your overwhelming response, it for sure won’t be the last.

From the bottom of our hearts; thank you,

– Breweries In PA


This just leaves us with one question. Is Pittsburgh ready for a Philly invasion?


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