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Tafelbier from Draai Laag Brewing Co.

Tafelbier is an American wild ale with 5.6% ABV from Pittsburgh’s Draai Laag Brewing Co. Translated to table beer, Tafelbier is a take on the Belgian-style table beer known for their extremely low ABVs for people to enjoy more of a flavorful, water alternative to enjoy at a group meal.

The second the cap is popped on this ale a pleasant aroma that is equal parts fruity and funky begins emanating from the bottle. Tafelbier pours to a sparkling champagne color with a large, but thin, white head that does quickly dissolves into its base.

This is a beer that is best sipped, do to its considerable carbonation, when consumed at a slower pace the nuance and fruitiness do not get lost. Primary notes are of white grape and green apple that both compliment the crisp bubbly mouthfeel present in every sip. The finish is somewhat dry and tart, not enough that it will pucker your lips or suck all of the moisture out of your mouth, but plenty of each to assert that this is a wild ale.

Although Tafelbier isn’t nearly as light as traditional table beers, it is undoubtedly two things: lighter a lot than a lot of Draai Laag’s other ales and lighter than the champagne-like flavor profile this beer offers. White wine and Draai Laag lovers alike should save a seat at their table for this beer.

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