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Sweet Potato Ale From Vault Brewing


Sweet Potato Ale is a 6% ale from Vault Brewing in Yardley, PA. While pumpkin beers are dominating the shelves, Vault has a delicious alternative: their Sweet Potato Ale. Many other beers around this time of year bear dark and full color labels, Vault went with a minimalist approach. A white, black and orange font to stand out from the crowd.

While the label may be minimalist in design, the beer inside stands out in a sea of pumpkin beers. Pouring to a beautiful rich brown from its nitrogen carbonation; its use of sweet potatoes, molasses, vanilla, lactose, cinnamon and nutmeg makes this beer rich with flavor and body that is perfect for a fall evening.

Overall, this beer was nicely balanced and well-crafted.  Head out to their Yardley, PA location or ask your local bottle shop to carry this and other Vault beers.  You will not be disappointed.  Cheers!

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