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Sunday Morning Stout from Weyerbacher Brewing Co.

Sunday Morning Stout is an imperial stout with an impressive 12.7% ABV from Weyerbacher Brewing Co. out of Easton, PA. The warm, delightfully boozie flavors make this brew an excellent “hair of the dog” beer that’ll help on Sunday morning, even if that sometimes doesn’t start until Sunday afternoon.

This imperial pours as black as the night that still rings in your head the next morning, with a welcoming milk chocolate head that sits softly atop the glass. The aroma is sweet with bourbon, chocolate and caramel to go with toasted malts.

These aromas lead directly into each and every sip of Sunday Morning Stout, the chocolate and caramel come through the most in the first sips when brew is at its coldest. As it warms the bourbon truly begins to announce its presence as its warmth begins to become your warmth, in your chest and in your mind. Each full sip sticks to your tongue, allowing its flavors to coat your tastebuds with its heavier body.

Whether you choose this original offering or its cousin, the Sunday Mole Stout, you’re getting one of the top imperials in the state. They each set a standard with their complexities of sweetness, warmth and substantial body that make them full on meals for those enjoying a bottle.

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