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Spy Dolphin from Dancing Gnome Brewing Company 

Written by @brewcollarguys

Brewery: Dancing Gnome
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Beer: Spy Dolphin DIPA
ABV = 8.5%
Glassware: Dancing Gnome Glassware – Spy Dolphin Edition

“Double Dry Hopped, Double IPA. Under cover, Under Water”

Come on how can you not be intrigued by a beer called "Spy Dolphin", it even has a dolphin with spy goggles on it. Perfection! To make life just that much better, they released special Spy Dolphin stemware.

As soon as you mention DDH DIPA you immediately have my full attention. To say they overloaded this beer with hops would be totally accurate. Featuring hella generous additions of El Dorado, Citra, and Chinook hops during the boil and the DDH.

You will notice a ton of citrus aromatics from using the Citra in the DDH. Tasting Spy Dolphin brings lots of pineapple flavor along with bold melon and some pine to round it out. This brew is so drinkable and soft to drink, giving you an overall lower bitterness.

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