Prism Beer In Lansdale Closes

It’s been so exciting to see new breweries pop up all over the state. However, as new doors are opening up old doors are beginning to close.

According to the Facebook post below Prism Beer has officially closed.

Untitled.pngAnd while the post above seems ambiguous and leaves a bit of doubt, this comment from a (now former) Prism employee, seems to confirm the events:


So we raise one last glass of red zone to Prism brewing. If you were ever in their original location, back behind the industrial complex, you know how close knit these guys were to the Lansdale community.

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One Thought to “Prism Beer In Lansdale Closes”

  1. Jack Makinson-Sanders

    As a former employee of the original location, I can say with much authority that this was inevitable.
    The owner didn’t like paying his people, revoked insurance from a pregnant employee, and didn’t pay his rent or utilities in the old spot.
    In the new spot it was much of the same. He didn’t pay his contractors; the plumber he didn’t pay lost his business. He didn’t pay his vendors; in the end he was buying food for the restaurant from a local grocery. He stopped paying off the boiler he bought. He didn’t pay rent to the property management company that allowed him to exist rent free during construction. He didn’t pay rent in his apartment and ended up sleeping on the premises. Finally, again, he didn’t pay his employees.
    He burned so many bridges, told so many lies, and treated so many so poorly.
    I am truly sorry for his employees that have lost their job. I hope they can put this behind them and move on to actual gainful employment. I even reached out to one with an offer at the craft cidery I’m a partner in. Luckily they had found work in their field already.
    When you treat people poorly you don’t deserve success. Rob got what he deserved and few, if any, tears will be she’d for him.

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