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Pilsner Prosim from St. Benjamin Brewing Co.

Pilsner Prosim is a pilsner with 4.2% ABV from St. Benjamin Brewing Co. out of Philadelphia. Pilsner Prosim roughly translates to “Pilsner, please” in Czech. The name of this beer is an accurate depiction of the beer. If you have one, you’ll want two.

Czech Pilsners work so well because they’re simply and subtle. The Pilsner Prosim from St Benjamin Brewing in Philadelphia, captures that subtlety. But, by “actively” hopping the brew with Czech saaz hops, this beer contains an entirely new and unpredictable element.

The active hopping adds a refreshing and slightly bitter twist on a foamy, tasty beer. The golden color is bright and crisp and the foamy head, perhaps the best part of pilsners, is thick, full and aromatically delightful.

The can reads, “ this unfiltered lager will be empty before you finish reading this,” which is true. This beer is meant to be crushed, responsibly, on a hot summer day. It drinks wonderfully on its own. And, available in cans, is a great summer afternoon partner in crime.  

Should you wish to enjoy it with a meal or snack, you’ll find that  the the Pilsner Prosim is an easy partner. It pairs with snacks like almonds, jerky or popcorn. It also shines as a refreshment for protein-heavy meals. Try it with a ‘whiz – with’ at your favorite steak shop next time you visit Philly.

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