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Love City Brewing Just Made A Very Exciting Announcement

You may have read recently our profile of Love City Brewing. If you haven’t what are you waiting for!? Give it a read now.

We’ll wait…………

Good, right?

As you just read, or previously read, they are all about giving back to their community. And in that spirit, they just released the following announcement:


Sitting at work and can’t watch the video? Don’t worry, we got you. Let us transcribe the announcement. (And then get back to those TPS reports).

In 2018 Love City Brewing will choose three non-profit organizations to brew a beer with. A portion of proceeds of the sales from that beer will go directly back to that non-profit!

And they are asking you to identify those non-profits!

They ask that you create a video (preferably) or photo describing why the non-profit of your choice should be chosen. Why you like them and why they would be a great organization for Love City to team with. Post this video or picture to social media, tagging Love City and using #LoveCityGivesBack.

The contest will start today and run until December 4th. It is important you get friends to like, share and comment because the top 3 most liked, commented and shared posts will be chosen as the winners!

What’s in this for you? Great question. Whoever is chosen will get a complimentary 2018 mug club membership!

So start posting…..

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