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Brewery Review: Cinderlands Beer Company (Pittsburgh, PA)

As we have written before there are a number of Pennsylvania craft breweries that are changing the American dining experience, and you can count on Cinderlands as one of those locations.

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Brewery Review: Wissahickon Brewing Company (Philadelphia, PA)

Unlike most industries dominated by small businesses Craft Beer isn’t a generational one. In our travels more times than not we’ve found the brewery was opened by one singular individual, a team of friends, or married couples. However, at Wissahickon Brewing it is a family affair that spans three generations.

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Birthright Brewing: The First Craft Brewery Open In Nazareth, PA

It’s always fun to see a new craft brewery open. And with the amount of growth the beer scene has in PA has experienced, it’s happening more and more. It’s even more exciting when a city gets it’s first every craft brewery! Which is exactly what happened when Birthright Brewing opened its doors on Thursday, February 1st.

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Brewery Review: Chestnut Hill Brewing Company (Philadelphia, PA)

The Market at the Fareway in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia is a truly unique food market that features fresh, special, socially-responsible local foods from high quality artisans. The market boasts many options such as locally-roasted coffee, baked goods, fresh produce, seafood, hand-squeezed juice and so much more! You’d think all the bases were covered, but it’s still missing something.

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Brewery Review: Zeroday Brewing (Harrisburg, PA)

As the story goes, Zeroday Brewing was born from the minds of owners Theo and Brandalynn. It all came about while unwinding after a long day in their cubicles. Theo had been home brewing for a few years, and the two, seeking something beyond the corporate lifestyle, started home brewing recipes for possible commercial production.

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Brewery Review: Aston Abbey Brewing (Aston, PA)

At 7:10pm on September 11, 1993, Chuck McKenna pitched yeast on his first batch of beer. After homebrewing for 24 years and toying with the idea of opening his own brewery for the last six, he was given the choice to either open up a brewery or stop the discussion. He decided to pursue his dream rather than to give up and Chuck and his wife Sue signed their lease in January 2017 and opened Aston Abbey Brewing Company October 21st, 2017.

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