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Explore Pittsburgh And Philadelphia With City Brew Tours

If there’s one thing that’s a pretty common fact, it’s that Pennsylvania craft beer can be overwhelming. With hundreds of breweries across the state and countless new ones popping up, it can be too much sometimes. So if you are looking to get the most of exploring some of the best PA beer has to offer, let us recommend City Brew Tours.

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Brewery Review: Fury Brewing (Irwin, PA)

After seeing the beautiful photos of the beer from Fury Brewing, and hearing nothing but rave reviews, I decided that it was definitely time for a visit. As a city slicker, I fall victim to the Pittsburgher tendency to stay in your neighborhood. This wonderful brewery is definitely worth the trip, and the trip to Irwin isn’t even that far!

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Brewery Review: Dancing Gnome (Pittsburgh, PA)

Take the exit toward Sharpsburg from the notoriously frustrating Route 28, and you will often find yourself sitting in a line of traffic. “What could possibly be leading to this much traffic on Main Street in Sharpsburg?” many Pittsburghers may be asking themselves. Dancing Gnome brewery is the answer. As a devoted fan to the Pittsburgh craft beer scene, it’s hard to recall a time when people have been as excited about a brewery as they are about Dancing Gnome.

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Our (Virtual) Tour Of Some Of Pittsburgh’s Newest Breweries

When it comes to craft beer in Pittsburgh, the options are starting to get better and better. Whether you are a local looking to explore new locations, or visiting from out of town, the options are plentiful. Let us take you on a virtual brew tour of some of the newer breweries Pittsburgh has to offer that is sure to leave you wanting more.

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