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Brewery Review: Zeroday Brewing (Harrisburg, PA)

As the story goes, Zeroday Brewing was born from the minds of owners Theo and Brandalynn. It all came about while unwinding after a long day in their cubicles. Theo had been home brewing for a few years, and the two, seeking something beyond the corporate lifestyle, started home brewing recipes for possible commercial production.

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Breweries Lancaster Reviews 

Brewery Review: Columbia Kettle Works (Columbia, PA)

Situated in Columbia, PA on a busy stretch of road you will find Columbia Kettle Works, which has been open for the past 3 years. With 10 original beers on tap, and an additional 2 guest taps it’s a must try for any beer enthusiast.

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Beer News Breweries Lancaster Reviews 

Brewery Review: Mad Chef Craft Brewing (East Petersburg, PA)

Change is coming to the American dining experience, and it is in part because of locations like Mad Chef Brewing, located just outside of Lancaster. The days of the big box chain restaurants are numbered and the local eatery is taking its place.

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