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Vote Dancing Gnome As Best New Brewery In USA Today Poll

Voting for the best New Brewery according to USA Today has begun. And a PA Brewery has made it on the list! Only 20 breweries were nominated by USA Today beer experts and are made up of locations that were founded in the past two years (since the beginning of 2016) all over the country.

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Brewery Review: Cinderlands Beer Company (Pittsburgh, PA)

As we have written before there are a number of Pennsylvania craft breweries that are changing the American dining experience, and you can count on Cinderlands as one of those locations.

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Brewery Review: Wissahickon Brewing Company (Philadelphia, PA)

Unlike most industries dominated by small businesses Craft Beer isn’t a generational one. In our travels more times than not we’ve found the brewery was opened by one singular individual, a team of friends, or married couples. However, at Wissahickon Brewing it is a family affair that spans three generations.

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Birthright Brewing: The First Craft Brewery Open In Nazareth, PA

It’s always fun to see a new craft brewery open. And with the amount of growth the beer scene has in PA has experienced, it’s happening more and more. It’s even more exciting when a city gets it’s first every craft brewery! Which is exactly what happened when Birthright Brewing opened its doors on Thursday, February 1st.

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See Harpoon Pay Off Their Super Bowl Bet To Yards

The Eagles aren’t the only big winners from Super Bowl LII. As we wrote recently, Harpoon and Yards put on a Philly vs New England bet. Where the losing brewery had to pour the winning brewery’s beer in their taproom for an entire day and their staff will be required to wear the opponent’s gear.

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