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Brewery Review: Wissahickon Brewing Company (Philadelphia, PA)

Unlike most industries dominated by small businesses Craft Beer isn’t very generational. In our travels more times than not we’ve found the brewery was opened by one singular individual, a team of friends, or married couples. However, at Wissahickon Brewing it’s a family affair that spans three generations.

Located in the Wissahickon/ East Falls section of Philadelphia, the story of WBCo traces its roots back to 2009 with a 5-gallon home brew kit and a dream of making delicious beer. Grandfather, father and sons all took to brewing instantly and it wasn’t long until Wissahickon Brewing Company was born.

The bucket that started it all is still in operation today!

During our visit we were lucky enough to meet with the family; Tim Gill Sr. (President/ Brewer/Father), Luke Gill (Sales/ Head Brewer/Son) and Tim Gill Jr. (Operations/Brewer/Son). With many other family members being a part of the WBCo operation as well.

With so many family members making up the WBCo team it came to no surprise to us that the theme of family runs throughout the brewery and tap room. As we have written before, we’re seeing a shift in what a craft brewery is becoming. While most may think of a brewery as a dim lit location meant for beer drinkers only, it is because of locations like WBCo that this is becoming a thing of the past. More and more locations are opening their doors with offerings available to the entire family and WBCo is no exception.

Whether it is their games, kid friendly drinks, high chairs, snacks or even the changing tables, (no seriously, see below), Wissahickon offers a great experience for that family looking to change up the routine from the chain restaurants their used to dining at. And with an ever changing line up of food trucks, there really is something for everyone.

They really do have it all!

Can’t forget the dog too! That’s right, WBCo is dog friendly so bring those four legged friends with you during your next visit.


However, don’t let this family friendly theme fool you, they are producing some amazing hand crafted beer that will satisfy even the most hardened of beer fans. We toured the brewery with Head Brewer Luke Gill, and it was clear after one conversation with him that he not only knows what he is doing with grains, malt and hops, but is also enthusiastic about putting out beer he and his family can be proud of. During our visit we tried a number of their offerings, with each beer packing a punch of full flavor in every glass.

Just take a look at some of the excellent beer we enjoyed:

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While we tried most of what WBCo had to offer, there is still so much more! With 12 taps (and usually one or two guest taps) it’s impossible to not find something you’d enjoy here. See their up to date beer list here.

Here was the tap list during out visit:


WBCo being so family focused and producing high quality delicious beer isn’t the only thing that sets them apart. Take a trip to their 15 bbl craft brewery, and learn what makes their space so unique. Once an old ambulance repair shop, this location is large enough to host events both private and public. Check out their calendar of events, because they always have some sort of fun going on. Or better yet, book their space for a private party!

During our visit, the Philly Cornhole League was in house. If you’re a fan of cornhole they are there regularly, so get down for a game and have some amazing beer while you’re at it.


While the event space is large enough to throw some fun parties, that still does not take away from the brew house. At 15 bbl this location is large enough to pump out high quality beer for the masses.

Take a look at their system for yourself:

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And here’s a look at the rest of the brewery and tap room:

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With so much being offered for families and craft beer aficionados alike, it is no wonder Wissahickon Brewing has been thriving the way they are. The Gill family has created a space in Philadelphia that is sure to be enjoyed by many for a long time to come. And with their recently added crowler machine, wooden nickels and soon to be released cans you can now take their offerings out the door with you!

Make sure to check out their website and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to follow their growth. Better yet, get down to their brewery on School House Lane to experience the fun first hand, and tell the family we said hi!

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