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Birthright Brewing: The First Craft Brewery Open In Nazareth, PA

It’s always fun to see a new craft brewery open. And with the amount of growth the PA beer scene has experienced, it’s happening more and more. It’s even more exciting when a city gets its very first craft brewery! Which is exactly what happened when Birthright Brewing opened its doors on Thursday, February 1st in Nazareth, PA.

We recently visited this new 5 bbl brewery located on Main Street in Nazareth and sat down with brewer Mike Dailey. While most of the people we meet have entered the industry due to their love of home brewing, Mike’s background goes a little deeper than that. Mike is the science behind the beer at Birthright as he has both a biochemistry and laboratory background having completed his degree in biochemistry from Pittsburgh University in 2013.

It isn’t just Mike’s biochemistry background that makes Birthright so unique. Brew Master Wayne Milford has over 20 years brewing experience along with a degree in Intensive Brewing Science from the American Brewers Guild in Vermont. Wayne has spent his career building great relationships with key figures in the brewing industry and has designed and built six other breweries. Mike informed us that the two have worked together consulting to new breweries and decided it was time to open their own.

So when it comes to craft beer, it’s hard to find two people more qualified and equipped to open a brewery.

The theme for Birthright Brewing is simple; keep turning over. As Mike described to us, the goal is to not have a flagship beer. Instead they want to brew as much beer with as many flavors as possible. To keep you, the guest, always wanting more and looking forward to the next great beer. Based on the beer we enjoyed, we believe they will be successful in completing this mission.

While we were there, we enjoyed the following beers:

• Localer: 4.8% Pilsner
• Tippy Toe: 5.5% Pale Ale
• Sparky: 5.8% India Pale Ale
• The Constable: 8.4% Double IPA (Next time you’re in, ask how it got its name. Make sure Wayne is there)
• Gettin’ Close: 8.6% Winter Warmer
• School For School: 6% Nitro Stout



Each beer had it’s own robust flavor profile. With the pilsner starting off subtly and building in profile as we went through each beer. In fact, we’d highly suggest you bring anyone who hasn’t converted to craft yet to Birthright. Offer them the Pilsner and see them change their mind on the wonderful world of craft beer.

As if producing high quality beer wasn’t enough, what really sets Birthright apart is the full dining experience guests can expect. This location boasts a fully operational kitchen, with it’s own wood fire pizza oven! And a chef with over 20 years of experience in professional kitchens and over 6 years working in a brewpub environment. Just like the beer, Birthright plans on flipping this menu over frequently as well. The menu will be an ever changing assortment of flavors offering guests a new experience each time they come in.

Not only do they pride themselves on the ever changing menu, they also will be as farm to table as possible. Working with local farmers and food markets to source your dining enjoyment from local businesses. View their menu for yourself to see what you can expect during your visit.

For being there at 11 AM the kitchen was already buzzing!

However we hope they never stop making pizza’s out of that wood fire oven. Just look at this culinary masterpiece.



You may be wondering; “why the name Birthright?” (we did, so we understand). In naming the brewery, Mike and Wayne took a long term approach. The goal is for this brewery to be passed down from generation to generation. To continue to be a staple in an ever growing Nazareth landscape. And it was because of this thought process that Birthright was born. The two axes in the logo represent the passing of generations.


While the food and beer are unique enough, that’s not all. The Birthright location boasts it’s own underground inn (at least that’s what it was a few hundred years ago). Yup, this building has a now defunct inn running underneath it. The immediate plans are to convert their underground space into their own cellar storage area. With Mike’s biochemistry background it is inevitable that Birthright will have a second to none cellar program.

See it for yourself….

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Now check out the rest of the Birthright location…

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Nazareth has now entered the craft beer scene, not with a toe dip but a full cannon ball! The folks at Birthright come with the knowledge and know how to run a successful business and we are beyond excited to see where their future takes them. In the area? We highly suggest you check them out.

And make sure to follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well as visit their website to keep up with their growth.

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