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Aleatory Series #1 from La Cabra Brewing Co.

Aleatory Series #1 is an American Wild Ale with 6.5% ABV from La Cabra Brewing Co. out of Berwyn, PA. Based around the art term “aleatory,” La Cabra is seeking to “embrace the place of chance and circumstance in creativity…in the brewhouse or the cellar…(as they) allow projects to drift on their own accord…and approach each project with fresh eyes.”

The fact that this was brewed with a whopping 500 pounds of raspberries is immediately evident by its glowing red color and lighter pinkish head. Aged in oak barrels for 4 months a prominent funky aroma blends nicely with the air of raspberries that flows from bottle to glass.

La Cabra does an excellent job of balancing out funky and fruity flavors to create a brew that has serious mass appeal with lovely raspberry notes that are tangy and fresh tasting. Not over carbonated this ale has just enough to create a crisp finish that goes with its mellow, tart flavor that is present, but won’t immediately pucker your lips. Overall this is wild ale that you could bring to a party of your more skeptical beer friends. It’s got all the body and taste you’d want, without punching you in the mouth with sour or funk.

With Aleatory Series #1 and #2 both released, the latter as recently as June 12th, La Cabra is showing that they are dedicated to providing a different tasting experience that is slightly offer the beaten path, allowing beer fans to sample new styles and flavors. This also aligns with their unique hybrid release style where half of the allotment is available to reserve ahead of time with the second half being sold directly at the brewery.

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