About Us

BiPA Bio.JPGGlen Gabriel (co-founder)

Originally from New Jersey, born and raised, before I moved out to Pennsylvania for work in 2013. Growing up I was never really into craft beer or drinking for that matter, but after spending some time in Pennsylvania have become quite the fan. The strong sense of community within Pennsylvania, and especially in its beer scene was infectious.

At that same job I met Matt and after some time we got to talking to create Breweries in PA. As we continued to grow the brand and expand our aspirations I left my job last June to pursue this venture full time. Putting all of my time into meeting brewers, owners and everyone in between has been incredibly rewarding and is what I believe will allow us to continue to contribute to the Pennsylvania beer scene for many years to come.

Kozar 1 copy.jpgMatt Kozar (co-founder)

I became a craft beer lover after college and started to go to local bottle shops and try a variety of different beers with friends. After learning of some local breweries opening near me I visited and became hooked. After meeting Glen at work and talking business and beer we thought there was a clear need to talk about craft beer in Pennsylvania. As the site and social media platforms continue to grow, Glen and I are looking forward to always trying out new things and bringing new ideas to the PA craft beer scene. I hope to continue to grow Breweries in PA and help these breweries spread the word!